R.A. Paradis & Son
R.A. Paradis & Son
81 Blaisdell Rd.
Newport, ME
(207) 368-5432

Our Story...

R.A. Paradis & Son, Inc. was founded in 1986 by Ronald Paradis as a building contractor in the general area of Newport, Maine. Shortly after that the business moved into the earth work excavation business with light trucking to support the business’s needs.

By 2001 the company had grown to multiple earth work crews doing both residential and commercial excavation throughout the state of Maine. At this time R.A. Paradis was still doing light trucking to support the business’s needs and now was hiring out their trucks during slow times of the year.

In 2009 R.A. Paradis & Son, Inc. started their first tractor trailer full time for Pike Industries. It was slow at first but with determination the Trucking Division started to grow.

R.A. Paradis & Son, Inc. has continued to grow and expand throughout the years with its newest division offering on-site mobile crushing. Our on-site mobile crushing service brings convenience to you! We travel to your location throughout Central Maine, crushing aggregates and raw hot tar to your exact specifications, ensuring your project's success.

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